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Doctoral students conference in science 2022. Training Camp 2022: The Art of Giving a Popular Science Talk

11th Training Camp "How to Give a Popular Science Talk" to PhD students in natural sciences will take place on May 19-20 (Thu - Fri). The event will occur at some picturesque location out of town (max 50 km from Tartu in Voore).

The overall goal is to give a short presentation of your PhD project so that people outside your area will comprehend and feel it's cool. The talk should be short and sharp, attractive, comprehensible and convincing to the audience.


"The topic of a doctoral dissertation may seem tedious, but now it has to be presented as the most exciting and life-enhancing. Other postgraduate students need to be envious - that's what I wanted to do!" says Kalle Olli, Professor of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, the conference's main organiser.