Institute of Genomics is managed by a director and five vice directors.

Mait Metspalu

Mait Metspalu

Tõnu Esko
Vice director

Tõnu Esko

Andres Metspalu
Vice director

Andres Metspalu

Lili Milani
Vice director

Lili Milani

Kristiina Tambets
Vice director

Kristiina Tambets

Development Plan and Statutes

The activities of the Institute of Genomics are in accordance with the Development Plan and Statutes.

Development Plan for the Institute of Genomics 2022-2027

Statutes of the Institute of Genomics


The institute has a council board comprising top-level researchers and specialists in the field.

The council meets once a year to assess the work of the institute and its main development goals, advise the director and the management on choosing the directions for research and development activities, and on the issues regarding the development of the Estonian Biobank and make suggestions on other issues.

Chairman: Mait Metspalu, Director of the Institute of Genomics

  • Tõnu Esko, Vice Director;
  • Lili Milani, Vice Virector;
  • Kristiina Tambets, Vice Director;
  • Helene Alavere, Head of Data Collection Office;
  • Triin Laisk, Associate Professor;
  • Elin Org, Associate Professor;
  • Erwan Pennarun, Research Fellow;
  • Tuuli Reisberg, Manager of Sequencing Core Facility;
  • Steven Smit, Head of the Biobank Lab;
  • Kertu Liis Krigul, Specialist;
  • Mikk Jürisson, Research Fellow of Public Health, Institute of Family Medicine and Public Health;
  • Aivar Kriiska, Professor, Institute of History and Archaeology;
  • Maido Remm, Professor, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology;
  • Jaak Vilo, Professor, Institute of Computer Science.
Time of coucil meeting Deadline for submitting materials
06.02.23 30.01.23
06.03.23 27.02.23
10.04.23 03.04.23
08.05.23 01.05.23
05.06.23 29.05.23
10.07.23 03.07.23
07.08.23 31.07.23
Genoomika tuumiklabor

From cutting-edge scientific research to the implementation of personalised medicine

Raivo Kolde

University of Tartu participates as a data partner in the DARWIN EU® research network for data analysis and action data

Ilustratsioon inimese evolutsioonist

Prestigious grant helps the University of Tartu study the development of the human immune system over its long history