From cutting-edge scientific research to the implementation of personalised medicine

Institute of Genomics was established to promote greater synergy between genomic-based research, teaching and other scientific fields. This allows more effective collaboration with different research centres and universities and greater recognition among the global scientific community. 

We are contributing to transdisciplinary research and application based on omics research and methods. In addition, our researchers and specialists supervise PhD, Master's and Bachelor's students.

The field of genetics has developed significantly during the last decade. Our institute has been contributing to it and will do so in the future. The next challenge is to bring knowledge to society and to the people. 

Mait Metspalu, director of the Institute of Genomics

Structure of the Institute of Genomics

Estonian Genome Centre 

Researchers at the Estonian Genome Centre are studying mainly functional genomics or the effect of DNA sequence variants on quantitative trait variability and disease risk expression in the population. As new fields of research, the Estonian Genome Centre has successfully launched systems biology, microbiome and pharmacogenetics.

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Estonian Biocentre

 The main focus of research in Estonian Biocentre is on the studies of human genetic diversity and the evolutionary factors and events that have had a major impact on this.

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Core Facility of Genomics

Core Facility of Genomics is dedicated to providing genotyping and sequencing services to researchers, clinicians and others with the state-of-the-art technology of Illumina.

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Estonian Biobank

Estonian Biobank collects genetic information about the Estonian population health and heredity, advances genetic research and applies findings in research in the Estonian healthcare system.

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Centre for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine

​The Centre for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine (cGEM) aims to apply advancements in genomic medicine in an evolutionarily aware framework to account for different evolutionary pathways of populations which have led to differences in susceptibility to common diseases. This requires knowledge about the genetic risk factors for diverse ethnic groups and the tools to highlight the underlying genetic predisposition to diseases in complex human populations. 

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Estonian Biobank Innovation Centre

Estonian Biobank Innovation Centre leads the development of the biobank as an attractive and trustworthy partner for international private sector.


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737 5063
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