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The mission of the Institute of Genomics is to be a centre of excellence for internationally competitive research in high-tech demanding fields of natural sciences and medicine, focusing on interdisciplinary genomic research with the aim of finding and explaining the causes and associations of genetic variability through basic and applied research. The institute's mission is to provide competence in these given fields in Estonia, to gather the population’s health data and hereditary information, conduct interdisciplinary genetic studies, apply the results of genetic research for the improvement of public health, and to be the main force in the development of personalised medicine in Estonia.

Estonian Genome Centre

Researchers at the Estonian Genome Centre are studying mainly functional genomics or the effect of DNA sequence variants on quantitative trait variability and disease risk expression in the population. As new fields of research, the Estonian Genome Centre has successfully launched systems biology, microbiome and pharmacogenetics.

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Estonian Biocentre

The main focus of research in Estonian Biocentre is on the studies of human genetic diversity and the evolutionary factors and events that have had a major impact on this.

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Centre for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine

​The Centre for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine (cGEM) aims to apply advancements in genomic medicine in an evolutionarily aware framework to account for different evolutionary pathways of populations which have led to differences in susceptibility to common diseases. This requires knowledge about the genetic risk factors for diverse ethnic groups and the tools to highlight the underlying genetic predisposition to diseases in complex human populations. 

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Estonian Biobank

In addition, the Institute of Genomics is the responsible operator and developer of the Estonian Biobank. As Estonia's largest and one of Europe's most successful population-based biobanks, the Estonian Biobank is a welcome partner in international research projects around the world.

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Our highly cited researchers

  • Tõnu Esko, Professor of Human Genomics
  • Krista Fischer, Associate Professor of Biostatistics
  • Toomas Haller, Associate Professor in Genomic-Metabolomic
  • Toomas Kivisild, Associate Professor of Population Genetics
  • Andres Metspalu, Professor of Genomics and Biobanking
  • Mait Metspalu, Professor of Evolutionary Genomics
  • Lili Milani, Professor in Pharmacogenetics
  • Kairit Mikkel, Specialist for Applications
  • Reedik Mägi, Professor in Bioinformatics
  • Mari Nelis, Associate Professor of Human Genomics
  • Elin Org, Associate Professor of Genomics and Microbiomics
  • Richard Villems, Professor of Population Genetics

Source: Statistics of University of Tartu

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Tools for genome research

Free genetic data (human DNA and genotype) for academic research from the published articles of Estonian Biocentre