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Gene Forum brings together more than 20 distinguished experts

On September 2–3, the Institute of Genomics of the University of Tartu and Gene Center are holding an annual high-level scientific conference on genetics and genomics – the 21st International Gene Forum 2022.

After two years not being able to organise a traditional conference, this year the event will be a hybrid meeting at the Estonian National Museum

Due to its interdisciplinary scope, Gene Forum 2022 brings together 21 distinguished experts from Europe and US for discussion of the progress in the field. Speakers will discuss wide range of topics like personalized medicine in psychiatry, microbiome and population genomics, Parkinson disease and epigenetics. Among others, two honorary doctors of the University of Tartu – Prof Ewan Birney (Deputy Director General EMBL & Director EMBL-EBI) and Prof Mart Saarma (Research Director, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki) – will give presentations.

The working language of the conference is English.

“We hope that the forthcoming Gene Forum will create an inspiring environment and be professionally stimulating.”

Prof Mait Metspalu, Chair of Scientific Program Committee
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Doktoridiplomite kaaned Foto Andres Tennus

Doctoral defence: Ludovica Molinaro “Ancestry deconvolution of Estonian, European and Worldwide genomic layers: a human population genomics excavation”

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Doctoral defence: Kreete Lüll “Investigating the relationships between human microbiome, host factors and female health“

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