This autumn’s orienteering month introduces places related to the Faculty of Science and Technology

From 7 October, the University of Tartu invites all employees, students, alumni and their families as well everyone else to orienteering in the city of Tartu. This time, the orienteering month is dedicated to natural and exact sciences, as we celebrate 220 years from the start of teaching the related subjects at the University of Tartu.

The continuous teaching of the subjects of natural and exact sciences started in 1802, when the University of Tartu reopened as an imperial university. The current Faculty of Science and Technology is closely related to the university’s natural history museum and botanical garden, which were also founded 220 years ago. The exhibits of the natural history museum are the meeting point of science, history and fascinating stories, and have brought up generations of nature lovers. It is the oldest museum in Estonia and was founded with the establishment of the natural history cabinet as part of the professorship of natural sciences.

The orienteering course compiled with the help of the faculty’s employees has 17 checkpoints. The course is feasible for everyone – you can pass any number of checkpoints in the order and pace that suits you best. No time will be taken, the goal is to enjoy physical exercise outdoors.

How to start orienteering?

  • Print the map or get it from the front desk of the main building (Ülikooli 18), the Delta academic and research building (Narva 18), Biomedicum (Ravila 19), the university library (W. Struve 1) or the academic building at Vanemuise 46. You can also download the map to your smartphone.
  • Before you start, make sure you know the map symbols.
  • When you arrive at a checkpoint, scan the QR code with your phone. For that, install a QR code reader app on your phone or check whether your phone camera already has that function.
  • The course runs between buildings, on streets, in green areas and in other public places. Be careful in traffic! Please note that there are several objects on the course that you are not allowed to cross, such as fences, walls, flowerbeds or hedges. Similarly, do not enter private yards that are marked respectively. On the map, “no entry” areas are marked by the thick black line (fence, wall) and moss green colour.

Who wins?

This is a recreational sports event for the whole university community. At the end of the orienteering month, several nice gifts will be raffled among all registered participants. To give chance a chance, let us know that you went orienteering.

If you do not mind, also share a photo of a nice moment on the course on the Facebook event page.

We are asking all participants to protect the health of yourself and others: act responsibly, keep distance and avoid mixing groups.

Autumn’s orienteering month 2022


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