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Women share their success stories in technology and industry

On October 17th, a conference will take place at the Delta Centre where female entrepreneurs will share their successful experiences in the technology and industrial fields. The goal of the conference is to disseminate inspiring stories and knowledge about achieving remarkable success in industries and technology – areas where women have traditionally been underrepresented.

During the conference, valuable experience stories will be shared by top female entrepreneurs who have broken barriers and achieved outstanding success. Questions such as „What is the world of men?" and „How does a woman fit into the technology and industrial sectors?" will find answers through speakers and exciting conversations. The aim of the conference is to instill determination and courage in women to do amazing things that can change the world.

At the conference, success stories will be shared by speakers like Sirli Männiksaar (Ericsson Estonia), Emöke Sogenbits (Raumedic Estonia), Marju Zirel (Port of Tallinn), Kaire Kuldpere (Utilitas), Triin Anette Kaasik (Data Print), Liisa Luhaste (Moe), Triin Kõrgmaa (Salvest), and others. Introductions of the speakers and event details can be found on the Facebook event and conference website.

The conference will be conducted in English and is free for participants! You can register HERE

The conference is organized by the European Innovation and Technology Institute's Innovative Manufacturing Technologies Cooperation Network (EIT Manufacturing) project „STRADA," which supports women in their paths to top technology and industrial careers. The event is aimed at both Estonian and other European female students who aspire to pursue successful careers in the industry.

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